Fiduciary Investigations

Reporting platforms provide data-driven aggregate solutions for verifiable elder exploitation whistle-blowing & tracking compiled research evidence over time. Affinity crime and fiduciary misconduct involves document schemes, undue influence and related predicate crimes or offenses that are components of a larger crime such as premeditated elder exploitation, medicare/medicaid fraud, money laundering, ponzi schemes, illicit estate transfers, extortion, embezzlement and racketeering. Organized senior predators run in packs which can include family/friend Power of Attorneys (PoA), caregivers, fiduciaries working in-concert with legal professionals aligned with assisting conservators, accountants, medical professionals, neurocognitive examiners or third-party social workers/court visitors who conceal material facts, Discovery or commit fraud by omission in court reports. These association-in-fact enterprises seek to unjustly enrich themselves from those with brain injuries, dementia or diminished capacity.

Fraud Education
  • Estate Document Schemes
  • Fraudulent Concealment Patterns
  • Undue Influence; Species of Fraud
Consultant Charts
Predatory Networks
  • Probate Cronyism
  • Predicate Crimes
  • Tactic Exploitation
Articles & Exposes
Rigged Litigation
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Associations In Fact
  • Fraud Upon The Court
Probate Racket
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