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If your located in the United States and your circumstance is an emergency dial 911 or contact the emergency services in your country. If required seek assistance immediately. Elder Abuse Map is both a citizen’s public safety alerting tool and one component in a synergistic crowd-sourcing research system.  The data the public provides helps facilitate and promote Citizen-to-Citizen & Country to Country (#C2C) public safety reporting, technology, research, education and perpetrator alerts of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons. 

Double clink the map interface to Pin your story to your countries Elder Abuse Map. You may also submit your information via an email form. Your pinned event will also show in the Global Map. All data will be tracked for repeating patterns of abuse, exploitation, fraud, malpractice & related negligence.

Publications & Social Media


Sadly your circumstance is like many others around the world, however by sharing your experience and any research if you like this can help educate & warn other families though the systems built in violation tracking features. 

Broadcast your circumstance to fellow taxpaying citizens and help senior citizens gain protection from those who seek to take financial advantage of their dependence, physical disabilities and memory impairments. Willful elder abuse perpetrators pose a public safety risk by their repeating exploitation of elder persons through forced isolation, domestic violence, bullying, negligence, financial exploitation, abuse of power & fiduciary processes, guardian & conservatorship embezzlement and related vulnerable person crimes. 

Post often to warn others of fraud, abuse, negligence, fiduciary breach, torts, crimes, malpractice, business, professional and facility violations.

Action & Accountability


Have a vulnerable person concern ? Are you interested in promoting discussions on Public Policy changes for public safety concerning your family members or your own safety or exploitation ? 

Start a dialog with your State, Provincial or Territory Representative, Public Health Agency, World Health and Human Rights Organizations. Document your shared concerns and educate others on the progress being made, proposed solutions and how we can all assist. It may even be possible that national, world health & human rights leaders may take notice & listen.

Often, the facts speak for themselves. The families that have experienced these circumstances are clearly aware of the key repeating patterns and causes; greed, corruption and lack of accountability. 

Help provide public aegis to those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated. Provide a voice for all persons whom are constitutionally protected under vulnerable persons laws, municipal codes, occupational license ethics and industry regulations.   

Global View & 1st World Nations

Societal Elder Care & Corruption Plague Geo-spatial Epidemiology Maps

United States of America

“Often there is a little buddy-buddy system going on … sometimes a judge has friends who are attorneys,” said Thomas Coleman, a Palm Springs lawyer who specializes in representing the disabled. It’s a sticky situation that can become a strain on the limited resources of the client, who is billed for the salaries and legal fees of the professionals involved in probate cases. Critics say these professionals often play one side of the family against the other.

Money-draining probate system ‘like a plague on our senior citizens’  Orange County Register

“The judge knows the lawyers, the lawyers know each other,” said J. Ronald Denman, a former state prosecutor and Florida lawyer who has contested dozens of guardianships over the past decade. “The amount of abuse is crazy. You’re going against a rigged system.”BUZZFEED NEWS


“A hidden camera captures the chilling moment when an Australian care worker appears to try to suffocate an 89-year-old man with dementia. The image, first publicized in local news in 2016, highlighted the terror, domination and deceit of elder abuse in a country with an ageing population.” – BBC News  


The bosses of the biggest six aged care companies pocket seven-figure salaries and churn through $2.17 billion in taxpayer funds a year. 


– The Daily Telegraph

1st World Nation Maps & World Health-Human Rights Directory



“What we need is a good shake up,” says Persaud. “So the government can provide the desperately-needed resources and realize the value of the elderly in our society.” In younger, more vibrant years, she says, these were the people who built this country.” 

180 people died on serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s shifts in one nursing home. Was that a red flag? – Toronto Star

 United Kingdom

“There has been a “disturbing” rise in the numbers of reports of possible abuse of vulnerable elderly people in England, the charity Age UK has warned, . . . Age UK urged the government to do more to protect vulnerable adults.” 

We also want to see tougher sentencing for those who prey on pensioners and have called on ministers to change the law to make elderly abuse a hate crime.” – Daily Express

Action & Accountability

World Health & Human Rights Directory

Provide a voice for all persons whom are protected under Article 25 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 states that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” 

Elder Abuse and Alcohol “Caregivers may encourage elders to drink in order to make them more compliant or exploit them financially.” – WHO World Report Fact Sheet

Your Story Matters

Tell your elected representatives your concerns, follow up and post details of your correspondence with their office on your Countries

Civic Accountability Map. 

Share your experience with others & your regions public safety representatives they might listen, refer you to make a report and hopefully they will gain greater understanding that elder abuse, exploitation & negligence is a serious widespread growing problem affecting families, communities. probate courts, healthcare facilities & entire nations.

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